Top 5 dressing and dining tips at a fine dine restaurant

Fine dining is one of the unique experiences to explore. Once in a while, you must visit a fine dining restaurant like Riverside resto. Such places have a fresh vibe always with many events planned and give its customers a different experience on every visit. Moreover, dining at a fine dine restaurant helps you in improving your lifestyle and dining etiquette. 

Other than the appealing interiors and well-trained staff, these restaurants offer you various cuisines, special courses by Michelin Chef, and a unique food culture to take back in memories. Despite the theme and techniques of recommended restaurants, there are basics that we must know before entering there. Let us help you with some dressing and dining tips…

Top 5 dressing and dining tips at a fine dine restaurant:

  • Choose an impressive attire:

You don’t have to dress up like a rock star to enter the dining space; wearing impressive attire means anything which is sober, clean, and presentable. There are oodles of sober styles available even in casual wear.

  • Avoid over usage of phone:

Some restaurants have strict instructions on phone usage. Texting while dining is considered to be rude in many places as it is an insult to the food as well as the chef’s effort of preparing the dish especially for you. You must always keep the purse on the floor next to your seat and not on the table.

  • Sit with a good posture:

Follow a proper posture while sitting and eating. Never peep on other’s table in the restaurant. You must always keep your elbows on the chair while drinking from a glass. Keep a direct eye contact while talking to someone at the restaurant.  

  • Make use of napkin:

There are techniques to use the napkin at a fine dine restaurant. Close your napkin after finishing your meal so that the stains remain inside. If you need to leave the table for some reasons, leave the napkin on your chair. It is a sign that you are not yet done eating. After you finish your meal, you may place the napkin on the table near your plate.

  • Learn to use the cutlery:

From salad forks to dinner spoons, every piece of cutlery has a different purpose. You need to watch a few tutorials online before using these. Watch video tutorials to have a clear understanding of cutlery usage at fine dine restaurants.