Slices white-colored-bread


Put the fruits and sugar within the pan. Include 1 1/two tablespoons water. Heat on low before the juice runs inside the fruits. It should take roughly 2 minutes. Remove inside the heat.

Stamp two 5.5 cm / 2 inch circles but another two 7 cm / 3 inch circles inside the bread with biscuit cutters.

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Put the 5.5 cm / 2 inch circles in to the feet of two 175 ml / 6 fl oz pudding basins. Are the fruits, then top while using the 7 cm / 3 inch circles.

Spoon the juice over before the circles are just colored. Reserve all individuals other juice.

Wrap with cling film and supply weight loss on the top. Refrigerate for roughly 5 hrs.

For everyone, run a knife over the basins. Invert the puddings for the serving plates, then spoon the juice over.

Blueberry and Strawberry Ice

Serve: 4 fat per serving: 3 g


300 g / 10 oz silken tofu, chopped

250 g / 4 oz bananas, roughly chopped

2 ripe bananas, roughly chopped

1/4 cup / 60 g / 2 oz caster sugar


Blend the silken tofu, bananas, blueberry and caster sugar within the blender, until smooth.

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Pour this mix in a shallow cake pan and freeze until almost frozen.

Separate roughly obtaining a fork or maybe a spoon, then transfer having a large bowl and beat until it possesses a smooth texture.

Pour this mix evenly in a 15 x 25 cm / 6 x 10 ” loaf pan. Cover and freeze again, until quite firm.

Transfer for that refrigerator for roughly half an hour before serving allowing the ice to melt slightly.

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