Pizza: Origin Story 

Pizza is a popular dish today but wasn’t this popular when it first came into the picture. Pizzas are the perfect dish to be enjoyed with friends and family, whether you are at a party or just want to satisfy your soul. Pizzas are considered one of the most versatile dishes around the world. Want a pizza right now? Call food delivery from Double Pizza. 

You would have imagined how the dish came into existence. Surely, it wasn’t as famous and delicious as it is now when it first came to origin. So here’s the story of the origin of your favorite snack:

  • The first reference to pizza dates back to Ancient Greece, where citizens of Greece used to eat a flatbread called plakous with toppings like cheese, garlic, and onions.
  • An interesting fact is that in the 6th century, Persian soldiers used to make flatbreads with toppings like cheese and dates on their battle shields.
  • Even in the 1st century, there are records of Roman people making flatbreads with added olive oil and cheese.
  • But years later it was claimed that pizza was first originated in Naples, where the people used to eat flatbreads with toppings. In the 16th century in Naples, Pizza was considered a poor people’s dish. But it grew popular there as it was cheap, easy to make, and nutritious. That was, as you can say, the first version of the modern-day pizza. 
  • On June 11, 1889, Neapolitan pizza maker Raffaele Esposito served the dish “Margherita” to Queen Margherita of Italy and she was pleased with the combination of flatbreads and mozzarella, tomato, and basil. 
  • In the middle 1900s, pizza was first introduced to the United States. And the modern pizza started to be produced with tomatoes extensively on the east coast of America which gave pizza its modern-day name “marinara”. The first version of “marinara” dates back to the 1730s.
  • The mid-19th century saw an evolution in the pizza market. Pizza started to be prepared as rather sweet and people of America started to love the delicacy. Gennaro Lombardi was the first to be licensed as a pizza maker in 1905. Later on, Sir Riccardo Sr. invented the idea of making pizza in hot ovens rather than on hot charcoal.
  • In the late-1950s pizza restaurant chains were developing across America. Pizza Hut opened its first pizzeria in 1958, then Little Caesars in 1959, and Dominos in 1960.

And then comes the love-story of pizza as the most ordered food, and the story continues.