Things to be Taken Care of While Shipping Seafood 

No matter how good the catch is, if it’s not delivered in a stellar condition, it’s just no use. Seafood is perishable, and packaging, transport, delivery of perishable items is no easy task. Several factors are to be taken into consideration. 

If you are choosing a distributor and want your seafood to reach you in good shape, it is essential to consider that the distributor follows a great packaging and transporting strategy. 

Below are mentioned a few things to be taken care of when seafood is being shipped:

1] Use of proper storage 

If you expect your fish to be delivered fresh, you must ensure the packaging company makes use of efficient storage strategies. To keep fish fresh, usually it is rinsed under cold water and patted dry with paper towels. This also eliminates contaminants. In addition to this, fishes are stored on a rack such that they don’t overlap and then are placed in a shallow pan. For commute, the pan is filled with ice and sealed tightly before placing into a refrigerator. 

2] Temperature 

Temperature is the most imperative factor to consider when it comes to transport of seafood. It can determine the life of the seafood. One needs to ensure the temperature is low and heat is minimized so the seafood stays fresh and doesn’t perish. Heat can pass through insulation of a vehicle and damage the seafood. Therefore, care should be taken that temperature is checked constantly and is kept at the optimal level. 

3] Use refrigerants 

A few common refrigerants that can be used when transporting fish are gel ice, wet ice, or dry ice.  Mostly, if fish are frozen and stored with ice, refrigerants are not a necessity. However, they can ensure fresh fish is not damaged. 

4] Ensure the container is well packed 

There is a multiplicity of options when it comes to containers used for packaging seafood. One common precaution to take no matter which container is used is removing as much air as possible. 

If your chosen distributor follows the above and has other great methods to ensure your seafood reaches you in the most impeccable state; you can confidently go for it. 

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