How To Make Spicy BBQ Chicken Skewers – Eat Healthily – Eat Tastily!

You might have heard a lot about the various cooking methods of chicken. Chicken can be cooked with different flavors and techniques all the way through. Moreover, no flavor in the world would taste horrible with chicken, except the delightful and highly bitter flavors. It is not possible to resist chicken when it comes to one. These days everyone wants to learn how to cook chicken and the various ways it can be cooked.

The barbeque flavors tend to go perfectly with chicken. When the chicken is grilled with exotic barbeque flavors all over it, the feelings of eating and hunger are automatically doubled. Moreover, if the High on Chicken Spicy BBQ Sauce is coated all over the chicken and grilled, it would taste like heaven and genuinely authentic.

Here we will discuss how we can cook the chicken thigh meat using skewers. Some people might mistake skewers for a part of the chicken. However, a skewer is not a part of the chicken. It is a long metal stick upon which various chicken pieces are put together to be cooked. We might often understand it in Hindi by the word “Tandoor.”

A Skewer is just another way and technique to cook chicken; if done correctly, it might come out well and impressive. In the further read, you will learn about making the perfect dish – Spicy BBQ Chicken Skewers. However, High on Chicken Spicy BBQ Sauce is mandatory for this dish if you want to taste those exotic and satisfying flavors.

Spicy BBQ Chicken Skewers Recipe

The Chicken Skewers Recipe is made using the boneless parts of the chicken thighs. Once created, the dish’s aroma and flavors are incredibly satisfying to the taste buds and the mind. However, one needs to be careful to obtain a perfect outcome.

Step 1

  • If you are using wood skewers, ensure that they are soaked in water before use.

Step 2

  • Remove the excess fat off the chicken thigh.
  • Cut the chicken thigh into 3-4 equal pieces.

Step 4

  • Now, place the chicken in a zip-lock bag and add High on Chicken Spicy BBQ sauce.
  • Shake the two well together and ensure the chicken is coated well.
  • Let the chicken sit to marinate.

Step 5

  • Now for the skewers, prepare the coal.
  • Prepare the grill.

Step 6

  • Put the chicken pieces into the skewer.
  • It would be approximately 6-7 pieces per skewer.

Step 7

  • Bring the remaining High on Chicken Spicy BBQ Sauce to a boil and then simmer.
  • The procedure is done by pouring the sauce onto the chicken once cooked.

Step 8

  • Cook the chicken by tossing it around every 4-5 minutes.
  • Your dish will be ready once you feel the chicken is cooked correctly.
  • Serve the plate with the High on Chicken Spicy BBQ on the side!

Ingredients Used

  • 3-4 Tablespoon High on Chicken Spicy BBQ Sauce
  • 4 Pounds of Chicken thigh meat, boneless
  • 6-7 Skewers
  • 1 Garlic, chopped to sprinkle from top

The dish is a total savory and delight once cooked and served hot. However, ensure to use the High on Chicken Spicy BBQ Sauce only as it is the main star of the dish and would provide almost all the flavors required for this dish to bloom. The spiciness and tanginess that the sauce would add will bring another level of taste to the dish making it quite addictive and immediate to consume.

Therefore, that is why the High on Chicken Spicy BBQ sauce is the most preferred and the most recommended by all the chefs in India. Apart from the sauce, when we talk about the dish, it is an absolute snack type dish that can be consumed at a light gathering or can also be consumed at a romantic or dinner with friends.

The dish takes almost no time to prepare and is a quick recipe. The ingredients are also relatively less since the already-made High on Chicken Spicy BBQ Sauce is available. If the BBQ Sauce were unavailable, the dish would take even more time to prepare. We would have to prepare the sauce as well. Therefore, having an already made sauce like the High on Chicken Sauce is a true time saver. One must serve this dish hot and spicy to their family and friends so that they get a taste of the authentic flavors which were meant to be passed to them by you. Keep them smiling!