From your cheap burgers to your deluxe burgers, do all burger types need premium cheese?

Burgers are undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular and enjoyed foods. Many countries now have their specific modifications of burgers sold across various eateries. Likewise, Australia offers a wide variety of burgers, ranging from classic Australian burgers to niche restaurant burgers.

It is no secret that all burgers are not cooked the same or presented the same. Whether you order a burger from your local fast food joint or order from a restaurant menu, you’ll notice the varied choice of ingredients and type of cheese used. Whereas the taste of burgers at a BBQ party or a house party will be vastly different from a fast-food or restaurant burger.

What makes a burger different is the ingredients it is made with; the love for burgers runs deep, whether it’s the quick and cheap burgers made with frozen beef patties and a slice or two of cheese between a bun or slices of white bread or a delectable deluxe burger with smoked onions, tomato, ketchup, pickles, and premium cheese.

People chow down on one of these burgers every day, but it is worth noting what makes them so savoury and delicious. No matter what you order, you know that your burger’s tangy, melty cheese will satisfy your taste buds. As long as quality cheese is filled inside your burgers, nothing can go wrong with your burgers.

With a wide range of cheese on the market, the chefs usually recommend a particular cheese based on their experience when making this delicacy. A premium cheese like hi-melt cheese from Pure Dairy is a top choice of chefs and eateries alike. Furthermore, Pure Dairy’s hi-melt cheese and natural cheddar cheese are used in various restaurants in Australia. Likewise, Hi-melt cheese remains Australia’s number one selling American burger cheese.

Considering that burger cheese is an essential ingredient for burgers and how it affects the taste and flavour, food enthusiasts seek burgers with high-quality burger cheese. Those who insist on premium cheese in their burgers are even willing to pay for such burgers, again and again. Hence, there is profit in selling such premium quality burgers.

For this reason, burger outlets and restaurants prefer only premium items while preparing burgers. Moreover, Pure Dairy’s burger cheese also has a longer shelf life. Their hi-melt burger cheese has a shelf life of 180 days and when stored properly in the refrigerator. They use a proper cheese packing process using natural cheese wrapper, which cuts excess moisture from cheese and improves the shelf life of your cheese.

Whether a cheap or a deluxe burger, using high-quality ingredients will please the customers, and they will be willing to drop by your eatery repeatedly. While there is no rule book for using a premium burger cheese on deluxe burgers or cheap, a high-quality cheese with proper melt-ability and flavour will blend in with any burger.