We can all agree that avocados are the best fruit. They add a particular touch to every dish and are incredibly creamy and rich in good fats. Aside from being very adaptable, avocados are stuffed with heart-healthy lipids and other essential nutrients to enhance your general health. They are high in filling fiber and have more potassium than bananas. Follow our lead and put them to use for much more than just guacamole. 

Blend it in a smoothie.

Avocado is a great smoothie foundation because of its bland flavor. It becomes creamier than ever when mixed, allowing other ingredients to take center stage. For instance, avocados can serve as the foundation for a spinach, an apple, and some apple juice smoothie.

Avocado salsa

Do not confuse tomato avocado salad with guacamole; there is a far greater depth of flavor. Creamy, just-ripe avocados are combined with diced tomatoes, jalapenos, red onions, sweet corn, and a ton of fresh cilantro to make an energizing hybrid dip. With that in mind, you will no longer have to choose between salsa and guacamole at the Milwalky Taco restaurant.

Use it in your sandwich.

Whether you like it or not, lettuce and tomatoes frequently get the most attention when it comes to sandwich fillings, but the truth is that avocado is just as delicious as or perhaps superior to those two. For instance, an open-faced sandwich with a runny egg and salty prosciutto can benefit from adding sliced avocado instead of lettuce and tomato.

Make chocolate avocado truffles.

Avocado chocolate truffles, a wonderful holiday dessert, bring avocados and chocolate together once more. Although avocado has a unique flavor, the truffles don’t taste like avocados. Instead, they have a rich chocolate flavor that even chocolate connoisseurs will enjoy. Roll the truffles in a finely grated or pulverized coating (such as sprinkles or roasted salted almonds) to customize them.

Make a healthy salad dressing.

Avocados are equally effective when added to or subtracted from salads. A creamy and nutritious dressing made with an avocado base and additional ingredients like Parmesan, yogurt, and lemon juice will be better on your salad. Try it if you’re searching for a simple (and tasty!) way to increase the amount of good fats in your diet.

Include them in a filling salad.

Although using avocado in a Cobb salad is nothing new, the green fruit can elevate almost any serving of greens. For instance, toss avocado pieces to give beets, potatoes, fennel seeds, and other ingredients a creamy texture and earthy flavor.

Chocolate keto mousse

An avocado can add a thick, creamy texture to keto mousse. The chocolate powder rapidly covers the mild avocado flavor, perfecting the creamy consistency.

Mash it on a burger.

Although everyone knows that mashed avocado tastes excellent on toast and chips (just like guacamole), it also makes a nutritious burger topping. When combined with fresh lime juice, salt, and pepper, mashed avocado can give a turkey burger that would otherwise be dull an influential yet recognizable flavor and texture. 

Last words

With these tips, you can creatively throw in fresh avocado slices the next time you try a DIY recipe.